The list of the 4 most popular sailing destinations

The most popular sailing destinations

There is no doubt that the most popular sailing destinations are located in and around the Mediterranean. What is common to all the countries bordering the Mediterranean is, of course, the pleasant warm climate. From May to September, you have the opportunity to enjoy the hot and dry summer and with a light to moderate wind and an average temperature of 24 - 26 degrees, sometimes higher temperature in the summer months, then they are ideal conditions for sailing.


For people who love to sail, 1200 islands, crystal clear water, a myriad of beautiful bays, the beautiful Croatian coastline that offers more than 100 picturesque historic coastal towns, are definitely a "must" to experience. Well, in fact, these are the main lines of what Croatia has to offer enthusiastic sailing tourists in terms of nature and culture. That is why Croatia is the perfect yacht charter holiday, where you can enjoy the Mediterranean with lazy days spent in secret bays, as well as visit charming villages and experience the fantastic restaurants. In addition, they can also enjoy the hospitality of the Croatian people and last but not at least the hot Mediterranean summer.


A sailing holiday in Greece is clearly one of the best ways to experience the many islands, small fishing villages and secluded coves. If you as a sailor are attracted to the larger islands, with sunbathing guests and exciting nightlife, or if you as a sailor are more attracted to the rustic and the lesser-known parts of Greece, then it is to sail around and experience the many sunny islands, clearly an experience you should not miss. Greece consists of no less than 3000 islands that are just waiting for you and where there is a relatively short distance between the islands, making it an obvious sailing paradise. You therefore do not have to sail several hours to reach a new and exciting island. In addition, there are generally good weather conditions with warm and bright summer days, which help to create the ideal climate for the perfect sailing boat holiday.


Mallorca and Menorca are both fantastic islands in the Mediterranean. They each have more than 300 days of sunshine a year, making it a favorite place to charter a sailboat. For many sailors, the islands are a true holiday paradise, which is partly due to the fantastic beaches. Mallorca is the larger of the two islands. And here you can experience wonderful sandy beach of almost two kilometers with pure white sand and clear turquoise water. These are the kind of beaches that makes Mallorca to a wonderful destination. In Menorca the beaches are smaller than in Mallorca. The small and charming, hidden "caves" or sandy coves between cliffs with few or no other guests, makes Menorca to a wonderful and relaxing place to be. As a sailor, it is an experience to visit Palma de Mallorca and Pollenca, which are historic sites filled with beautiful architecture that contains much of the history of the past.


A sailing holiday in Italy offers all possibilities for an optimal sailing holiday. Here you can have the opportunity to use secluded anchorages, experience beautiful white sandy beaches, visit small fishing villages and explore the charming Italian cities, whose history dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. One of the most popular places to sail is the Gulf of Naples, which offers a mix of fantastic sailing and exciting nature experiences. It is also possible to have cultural experiences and go sightseeing in one of the many cities. Or you can anchor in one of the beautiful scenic bays, where you can take a swim or snorkel, or visit one of the white sandy beaches along the coasts. If you choose Italy, an Italian sailing adventure awaits the greats.