Questions and Answers

It´s about trust when choosing an Agency when it comes to booking your dream vacation. We are deeply committed to your wants and needs and we are passionate about giving you and your family the best vacation. We work together with skilled and professional partners who have the knowledge and competence that is needed and that we know live up to the requirements of what we consider to be of high quality and service. As we are intermediaries and thus not tied to the individual owner or charter base, we have the opportunity to find the best offer for your mediator, we are with you before, during and after the journey.

Click on the type of boat you want to rent. Then you can choose different filters to get exactly the boat you want to rent. It could be the destination or how big the boat should be. If you have very specific wishes that are not possible to choose from, you can contact us so that we can help you.

It depends on where you want to sail and which boat you want to rent. When you rent sailboats, motorboats or catamarans, it applies to all destinations that you must at least have a speedboat certificate (hereinafter referred to as SRC):

Germany: SRC (or old sports boat license) and radio license according to GMDSS rules * Special rules: The radio can be deactivated up to 12 m, so no radio license is required!

Denmark: SBF Lake

Spain: SBF Lake

Slovenia: SBF Lake and radio license (as the destination is usually Italy or Croatia)

Sweden: SBF Lake and radio license

Croatia: SBF Lake and radio license. The qualifications can be divided. It´s enough if a crew member has the radio license.

Italy: SBF lake and radio license

France: SBF Lake and radio license.

Turkey: SBF Lake.

Greece: Normally the skipper needs an SBF lake, and the co-skipper must also have nautical knowledge, which he confirm in writing in a “port declaration” in the home port. NOTE: Some charter companies expect a SKS for the skipper, please contact us before entering into the contract! NOTE: Recently, the authorities have sometimes not accepted SBF-See in credit card format (note CWM). We therefore advise against exchanging the paper note for credit card format.

Caribbean/Seychelles/Cuba/Mexico: Depending on the provider, a comprehensive sailing summary must often be submitted. Certificates to your country sufficient, provided they are internationally recognized. The BR or BK certificate are not internationally recognized certificates. They are not sufficient as the only proof of qualification! For our foreign customers who want to start in Germany, they are acquired.

Remember that there is not as much space on the boats as there is in a hotel room. Therefore, consider your luggage before departure. We recommend that you pack in soft bags that are easy to store on the boat and that cannot scratch the interior of the boat. The boat is equipped with service corresponding to the number of people who can be on the boat. If you have questions about equipment or the like in advance, ask us. We investigate it with the individual owner/base.

There are a lot of different equipment. If you have specific wishes or just have questions, please contact us. Let us know what you need on your holiday.

It is very different and depends on the individual owner or base. Those who allow you to bring your pet generally charge extra fees in connection with final cleaning fee. Ask us about the conditions it is possible to bring pets.

As a starting point, it is only possible to rent boats on a weekly basis. In the pre- and post- seasons (April or October) it is sometimes possible to rent for a few days. Contact us well in advance so we have the opportunity to investigate this. It is the owner who ultimately determines the day´s price for the boat.

Many owners offer different offers up to a specific date, so you have the opportunity to order your dream ship at a reasonable price. The owners are of course interested in offering discounts or last minute deals. But again, it is very different and up to the individual owner how they give discount. As an Agency, we always try to negotiate with the owners so that we can offer our customers the best prices.

Once you have signed the contract, the reservation is a valid contract. If you are still unable to start your charter, please let us know as soon as possible to keep cancellation costs as low as possible. In principle, the cancellation is regulated in the terms and conditions of the respective charter company. In some charter companies, the entire charter amount is due in the event of a cancellation regardless of time, while others are part of the charter amount depending on the time of cancellation, We therefore recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance.

Unfortunately we can not give a generally valid answer here, depending on the ship, provider and area there may be additional costs. Mandatory additional costs are usually final cleaning and delivery of bed linen, towels or an outboard on some ships. In some countries, charter companies have to pay additional fees to the country, which in most cases are transferred to you. A detailed list of the additional costs can be found in our offer. A little tip: Pay less attention to the yacht´s charter price than to the final price to the offer.

Once you have received the signed contract from us, the first installment of the rental amount must be paid within 7 days after the conclusion of the contract. This payment is common in the industry, the owner (and not us) receives it as security. The remaining payment must typically be paid 4-12 weeks before the strat of the rental. You will be able to see the information in your lease.

As a rule. The posit is paid with Visa, Mastercard or cash at the start of the rental. However, it is the rental conditions that are correct in relation to how the individual owner wishes to receive payment of the deposit. For technical reasons, some owners only accept cash deposit payments.

In most cases, we must send the crew list to the owner or organizer before the rental starts. In this way, we prevent possible overcrowding of the ship and can still react in good time. In the event of a serious accident, we have the opportunity to provide the rescue service with a specific list of missing people.

Like the crew list, we usually have to send it to the owners or organizers before the charter starts. This will double check your qualifications. Once by us and finally by the shipowner. If your qualifications are not sufficient, we still have the opportunity to respond in good time.

For safety reasons, most charter boats are only approved for the fixed berths, although the information about the shipyard also includes the saloon Berth. Just as all rescue equipment is also intended for the number of people for whom the berth is. If you show up on site with a larger crew, the overcrowding may be rejected by the charter company. Therefore, always contact us before you sign the contract if you want to occupy the salon.

All yachts have liability and total insurance. The crew must provide insurance themselves.

As a rule, all charter boats are adequately insured against loss or damage. Still, there are some risks that are not covered by standard insurance. In principle, we will send you documents with the charter contract about possible additional insurances, such as travel (charter) cancellation, skipper liability and deposit insurance. We always recommend taking out a cancellation insurance – you never know what will come. Note that taking out deposit insurance does not release you from the deposit. If you have any questions about these topics, please contact the insurance company directly, they can provide you with expert help.

In most cases, the yacht is transferred directly to you by the respective owner. Sometimes, however, special service bases are given the task of doing this. They then work on behalf of the owner, are of course equally competent and are very familiar with your ship. Of course, you will receive a charter folder with precise information about your meeting place, name and telephone number of your local contact person and other important data before you start your journey.

You should definitely register deficiencies in the transfer protocol and discuss them with the charter company. In most cases, he will remove them immediately. If for some reason this is not possible, you can negotiate compensation with the charter company in case of serious deficiencies (eg Free final cleaning, ect.).

Most owners have fixed transfer times, which you can find in your charter documents. Usually charter boats are left early by the previous crew on the day of delivery – usually Saturday. The yacht is then cleared out, technically checked, cleaned inside and out and upgraded to the new crew. We recommend that you contact your local partner by phone the day before the transfer to find out about previous transfer. Previous transfer are possible in the low season.

Yes, provided the ship is available the week before or after, you can of course extend your voyage. However, we can only determine this for a period, 7 days before the start of the cruise. The owner determines what costs are incurred for the additional charter days.

If you want to arrive the night before, the owner will leave the ship open for you. The prerequisite is, of course, that the ship is available. Experience has shown that a fixed price of 25 euro per person is charged pr. Person overnight. The transfer will take place as planned the following morning. We will discuss further details with you in advance.

Your chartered yacht is always returned swept clean. Make sure that the waste is brought from the ship, that the dishes are cleaned and the stock is in place. The owner will perform the thorough final cleaning for you.

Your first point of contact in case of problems is the owner of the shipowner or his agent. If no one answers the phone there, you can of course call us – we will take care of your request. Some owners have created special phone numbers for service under the charter, these can be found in your charter directory.

On the Baltic Sea, you can relatively easily tell your relatives at home about the wonderful sunsets. On the open seas, of course, VHF radio must be on board to be able to provide quick help in emergencies.

We are updated on the current corona situation and you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions Corona situation.