Preparing for a fantastic boat holiday

Preparing for a fantastic boat holiday

Riverboat vacation requires no sailor certificate and sailing experience is not required. It is a holiday that everyone will love and a holiday where everyone can join. You will receive a thorough training and instruction from the staff, so you are completely safe before you embark on your unforgettable holiday.

The boat:

The riverboats are well equipped and comfortable and can accommodate from 2 people and up to 12 people. All boats contain cabins with berths and bed linen, pantry (kitchen) that is well equipped and corresponding to the number of people the boat can accommodate, in addition there is a bathroom and shower and much more.


Upon your arrival at the base

At each base there is a free public car park or a private car park or an enclosed garage.

When you as a customer arrive at the base, you will be received by the staff. They will give you a thorough review of the boat, as well as a detailed instruction in sailing and in how the boat is handled and technical assistance standby on all days.


Your luggage

It is recommended to pack in soft bags - they can be packed away more easily. Suitcases take up a lot more space on board, so you can possibly unpack the suitcases and leave them in the trunk of the car. Bring comfortable shoes with rubber soles so you can move around safely on the boat.

REMEMBER sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat, gloves (for handling ropes) and your camera.


Should the riverboat return to the same base?

Yes, the riverboat must return to the same base. BUT there are also routes where it is possible to sail from A to B.

Where to stop along the way on your riverboat holiday?

On your sailing trip, you have the freedom to decide for yourself where you want to make stops and moor. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people

  • On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the life of the cities along the canal, you can take advantage of the harbors and bridges.
  • Sometimes a small fee is charged for staying here, but there are better facilities and one is close to the city.
  • Some ports and bridges are free, while others are available for a small fee (This varies depending on the size of the boat and whether there are charger plugs). We estimate the fee to be between € 10 to € 50.



Locks - must a fee be paid?

No, it does not cost anything. During the voyage you will pass a number of locks and bridges, and the passage of these is free.


Locks - are they automatic?

Some locks are automatic while others are manual. In some cases, the locksmith may ask you for a helping hand. In Charente and Lot in France, the locks are operated by the user himself, so there you are not bound by closing times. Please note that the locks may be closed on certain Holidays. You will be given a list of closing days.


How fast does a river boat sail?

A river boat sails between 6 and 8 km per hour.


Bicycles are an absolute necessity for exploring the area where you have moored. It allows you to visit the small villages and see local sights, or to pick up fresh bread from the baker.



Fishing is allowed in rivers and canals. However, a fishing license must be purchased at one of the local fishing equipment stores, at certain tobacco retailers or on the Internet. As a guideline, a 7-day fishing license costs around € 32 in France, € 40 in Germany. In Portugal there is a one-time price of 25 € regardless of the length of your holiday.



Everything you need for a successful barbecue is on board - except of course meat and accessories. Fortunately, you can buy fresh foods in many places along the way.

Most of our bases rent out gas grills, so bring it on board and create coziness around the dinner table. As always when grilling, be careful and get to know the equipment before using it.


Riverboat holidays and pets

Pets are always welcome on board. For a fee of 40 € on departure, four-legged friends can easily fit on the boat. Remember to bring the dog's equipment, such as a food bowl, dog blanket, and life jacket for the dog, etc. Pay attention to their safety and make sure that they do not harm.



Riverboat holiday and WIFI

Be online all holiday long - on your laptop, PC or mobile. Most of the bases offer "WIFI on board" so you can be online with several devices at once throughout the holiday. Ask about the options when you order.

(Signal strength and coverage may vary in quality depending on region in different countries)


Riverboat Vacation and All inclusive

It is possible to purchase an All inclusive package which contains the following:

Fuel, final cleaning, 2 bicycles, duct card, 1 set of towels, 1 set of tea towels per. passenger.


At the end of your boat holiday

Remember to return your boat on time.

  • 08: 00/09: 00 when returning a short break week to week.

When you return to the base again, you and the staff will review the boat before handing it over. If no damage has occurred, you will get your deposit returned.


What is not included in the rent?

The boat rental price does not include travel to the departure base, deductible insurance, final cleaning, fuel and all mandatory and optional supplements such as cancellation and travel insurance.

It is also possible to purchase additional services - such as fishing license, WIFI, bicycles, etc.


A riverboat holiday is an experience and whether you are traveling as a family, or as a couple, or as friends, we have boats that match your needs. Whether you are first-time sailors or experienced on the water is secondary - everyone can join. Contact us, we are ready to guide and advise you, so you get exactly what you want.


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