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Rent a Riverboat

Do you need a license to sail a river boat? No - It does not require any sailing certificate or sailing experience to rent a riverboat. Everyone in the family can join and you will get a basic guide and handover of the boat before you leave.

Vacation on a riverboat is a unique and beautiful experience. Sail through the winding canals and rivers, experience the beautiful scenery, experience exciting idyllic villages and visit the beautiful sights. Whichever destination you choose, you will be able to combine your journey on sea and on land. Stop wherever you like and enjoy an impromptu visit to the local market or to the local wine farmer.

Discover Europe’s most beautiful rivers and canals from the sun deck of the boat, while the landscape slowly pan past you. Enjoy an adventure tour in a relaxing atmosphere, a gourmet trip or sailing in historic surroundings – we guarantee an unforgettable sailing holiday.