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Rent a Riverboat

Riverboat vacations are great for family vacations. It is a holiday everyone will love and a holiday where everyone can join. It is a unique and beautiful holiday experience, where you sail through different rivers and canals. And no matter which destination you choose, you will have the opportunity to put together your trip both on land and in water. With a riverboat holiday where you sail through different rivers and canals, you get very close to experiencing the beautiful nature. And with the opportunity to make stops where you want, there will be the opportunity to visit one of the many exciting idyllic small towns.
You can stop whenever you want to and visit the local market, see beautiful landscapes and whatever you want. A sailing holiday is a great way to see a country or region from a new perspective.

If you have never sailed before, you can still safely rent a riverboat and sail safely on many of Europe's rivers and canals. There is no requirement that you must have a sailing certificate or have any kind of sailing experience. And no matter what country you choose to sail from, you will always get a thorough review of the boat by the staff. They give you the most important navigation instructions on arrival. And they will quickly make you a safe and excellent captain.

On your sailing trip, you have the freedom to decide for yourself where you want to make stops and moorings. It is also possible to use one of the many jetties or it is possible for you to sail into one of the small ports along the routes. But it is also possible to make stops at the shore.

On your riverboat holiday you can rent bikes or even bring your own bikes. The bicycles can be taken on board the boat. Take a stop ashore, follow the bike paths and visit a village or take a shopping trip. A classic among cycling trips is the 250-kilometer-long route Voie Verte along the Canal du Midi, which is laid out on the former hiking trails along the canal.

There are different models of river boats. The most popular river boats are of the Linssen or Penichette type. Both models are well equipped and comfortable and can accommodate from 2 people and up to 12 people. All boats contain cabins with berths and bed linen, pantry (kitchen) that is well equipped and corresponding to the number of people the boat can accommodate, in addition there is a bathroom and shower and much more.

Riverboat holiday Germany

Renting a riverboat in Germany allows you to discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The landscape is crossed by a network of interesting waterways, making it a true favorite for lovers of sailing holidays. Here you can sail on crystal clear water that cuts through beautiful forests and the stunning landscapes of both Mecklenburg and Brandenburg. Moor your riverboat at the edge of one of the wild lakes and enjoy a dip in the clean water or maybe try fishing. Our selection of river boats in Germany guarantees an unforgettable sailing holiday in the heart of the region with the thousand lakes.

Riverboat holiday France

If you have ever dreamed of taking the helm of your own canal boat and exploring France, then there are so many options. With almost 8000 km of waterways, France has the largest network of rivers and canals in Europe waiting to be explored. In fact, waterway vacations really have something for everyone, no matter what your age or interests may be. You and your crew will see ever-changing views as you navigate along France's beautiful canals and rivers, all the while your comfortable and spacious riverboat offers some of the very best available for canal sailing.

Riverboat holiday Holland

Famous for windmills, tulips and of course canals, Holland is the perfect destination for a riverboat holiday.The Dutch waterways consist of a network of canals and rivers that stretch for about 5046 km in total. This places the country in third place in Europe after France (8500 km) and Germany (7300 km), but when comparing the sizes of the three countries, the Netherlands network is huge in comparison and explains why its nickname is the country of the canal.

See the different models and sizes of river boats below. If you have any questions, we are ready to help you. Call us: phone 0045 70 267 268.