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Why choose a boat rental at Holiday at Sea?

It's all about confidence in choosing an agency when it comes to booking your dream vacation. Therefore, boat rental from Holiday at Sea is the best choice for a wonderful holiday. We feel deeply committed to your wishes and needs and will offer you and your family the best holiday with passion. We work with qualified and professional partners who have the necessary specialist knowledge and competence and who meet the requirements that we consider to be of high quality and service-oriented. As we are agents and therefore not tied to the individual owner or charter, we have the opportunity to find the best offer for you. As a mediator, we are with you before, during and after the trip.

At Holiday at Sea we like to rent boats. We rent boats all over the world, and you can safely book your next holiday with us.
We offer many different types of boats, sailboats, motor boats and river boats. You can learn more about which type of boat is best for you later in this section.

We have been in the boat industry for many years and therefore have many years of experience both as an agency and with our own boats.
The owners are the two brothers Bent and John Larsen, who every day run Larsen Yacht Charter and run Dyvig Bro, which was named "Port of the Year 2020".

We have always strived to provide a high level of service and customer experiences, and since the early 1990s, our motto has been "happy customers come back".

At Larsen Yacht Charter, we have 70% of our customers coming year after year. And with our extensive knowledge and know-how in boat rental, service and quality are very important to us. For this reason, we have expanded our business and now both broker worldwide.

In our new company "Holiday at Sea" we continue with the same approach, and we promise to help you all the way again, so you get the best possible holiday.

Benefits of renting a boat

There are plenty of places to rent a boat at Holiday at Sea and there are many types of boats you can rent. It can be a great way to try your hand at the wet element.

For some time now, many people have decided to change the landscape completely for their travels, especially on vacation. And even if it means changing destination, it is also better to try new activities, such as Boat Rental. Thanks to this practice, it is easier for everyone to beautify their trip. But renting a boat is also a very economical solution, since you know that the longer the rental period, the more likely you are to get discounts. Besides the fact that it allows everyone to avoid and in addition to looking for accommodation

Boat rentals have become an increasingly common practice in the market today and have inspired most people to learn more about the best way to access them. This is understandable considering the many different boat rental deals on the market, not to mention their price.

Rent a boat during your trip. because it is entirely possible that everyone lives on a yacht throughout the rental period.

There are also several benefits to renting a boat instead of owning one:
  • You decide how long you want to sail.
  • When you rent a boat, it is up to you how far you want to sail during the day. You may want to sail a few hours or even an entire day. But in the end, it's up to you to decide, since you're a captain
  • Being your own captain is both fun and easy

Cooling yourself is fun! And there are many opportunities on Europe's magnificent canals. The options you have within boat rental are sailboats, motor boats and river boats. If you rent a riverboat, you do not need experience or license! However, there are some places on the rivers in Europe where they require a license. When you rent a sailboat, it requires both a license and experience, which is also true when you rent a motorboat. Whatever type of boat you choose, you will always be well received at the Charter Bases and they will always give you a thorough introduction of the boat so you can enjoy a relaxed and safe boat holiday.

Which boat should you choose?


One of the advantages of the motorboat is that it comes out of the water quickly and easily and is easy to maneuver. At the same time, you can sail long distances in one day, and most motorboats are more spacious than sailboats of the same size.

For all planing boats, the speed settings increase with the size of the engine. However, the manufacturer always recommends a maximum engine size and you should stick to it as the boat can be very difficult to maneuver if it is exceeded.

Many of the large boats also have a flybridge, which can not only be a convenience while sailing, but also provides an overview of the entire boat and its surroundings when maneuvering in a harbor.

You should expect additional costs in the form of diesel / petrol. Consumption depends on the size of the engine and the speed at which you are sailing. The target audience for this boat is people who want to move fast from one destination to another.


Catamarans are known as speed machines. The fact that a catamaran sails fast does not make life on board less comfortable. Far away from. Most people can imagine life in the net between the pontoons. In practice, however, it is especially the minimal heel that makes life in the catamaran comfortable. Stop pushing cups and cutlery around the cockpit. And stop clinging to the search box at the crosshairs. The hull of a Turkish catamaran is almost never raised waterless, and the heel is therefore a maximum of four to five degrees.

Stability takes the sting out of even the worst seasickness. A stern over a catamaran is more of a "wart" than a belly-heavy roll. This is a great advantage, not least if you have less seaworthy guests on board. It can be difficult to find a free berth that is five feet wide. And when you find one, the price is high. Therefore, it is very normal for those who rent a catamaran to swing a lot.

Another unique advantage of a ship with several holes is that since most of the cabins, etc. are above sea level, it is easier for you to ventilate and keep the temperature cool as well as enjoy the light through the windows during the day. All of these factors suggest that the catamaran is your best chance if your focus is on comfort and space.

The target group is usually families with young children, the elderly or beginners. A catamaran can help reduce the stressful side of sailing significantly. Catamarans have a deeper pull so you can moor in shallow bays near the beach. This gives you more privacy and increases your ability to add. You get lighter when you get to more places than a sailboat, closer to the beach and the coast - and further away from the crowds.

The motorboat:

For many, the motor sail is the optimal excursion boat because it is spacious and easy to handle, has a limited sailing area and a more powerful engine than a sailboat of the same size.

For a large family, a mature couple or perhaps more families buying a boat together and appreciating comfort rather than getting faster before sailing, the motor sailor is ideal. It takes up a lot of space and can usually be controlled from a fully or partially enclosed wheelhouse, where you are protected from the weather.

There are many different types of motorboats and many different sizes. It is important that you choose the size of motorboat that you can handle and sail safely.

How much does it cost to rent a boat?

The prices of the boats vary depending on the size, type of boat and when you want to rent in the season.

When you rent larger boats, you also have the option of being several pairs, which makes the price cheaper.

If you want to know more about your options and the cost of renting a boat, please contact us either on +45 70 267 268 or via email at

Boat rental worldwide

If you dream of a boat holiday, you have the opportunity to rent both different places around the world. At Holiday at Sea, we offer over 15,000 different boats to choose from, such as sailboats, motorboats, catamarans and riverboats.

There are many different destinations to choose from, and if you want the warm skies, there are many fantastic places in the Mediterranean where you can rent a sailboat or motorboat and spend your next sailing holiday.

Palma de Mallorca is a fantastic sailing paradise, where you have the opportunity to experience a fantastic island from the sea side. With its mild climate and beautiful nature, Mallorca is an obvious destination for a sailing holiday.

If you want the hot summer breezes of Southern Europe while enjoying life on the deck of a rented sailboat, Croatia is a great option. The coast of Croatia with its beautiful archipelago and a thousand islands should also be experienced from the sea side. Kvarner Bay is characterized by a rich archipelago, a beautiful coastline and mountains in the hinterland and if you go on a boat trip in Kvarner Bay, you may be lucky to experience dolphins.

Yacht charter in Greece - a paradise for sailing boat holidays and adventures in the Greek archipelago. The Greek coasts and the sea offer fantastic experiences and moods. Watch the sun rise over the sea, feel the harmony in body and soul, enjoy the life and sound of the water, the wind and the boat's movements through the clear water.

If you want a sailing holiday in the Baltic Sea region, there are several options to choose from. The most visited places are Southern Denmark and Northern Germany. In Southern Denmark you have the opportunity to experience the beautiful Funen archipelago, which consists of 55 small islands that appear as small oases in the calm, shallow blue sea, and is in itself a breathtaking sight. If you go further east to the South Zealand waters, there are a lot of places to explore and experience. There are uninhabited islands, an island with wild horses, inner fjords and the sea between Møn and Germany.

Boat trips here offer both great beauty and rich history. Towards Germany you will find the large island of Rügen. North-west winds in the Mecklenburger Bucht in front of Warnemünde, a tour of the island of Rügen, on the lake, Stettiner Haff or the protected Bodden landscape - the east coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania offers interesting areas.

Such diversity, numerous mooring options, white dream beaches and spectacular cliff shores guarantee unforgettable sailing. The diversity of the area with the islands and peninsulas is hard to outshine. The open sea offers all the challenges that sailors like. At the same time, there is the opportunity to sail close to the coast, where there are numerous protected bays, where you can take a break at any time. White beaches entice in several places for relaxation and pleasure. The hinterland offers impressive protected natural areas and calm waters.

If you are more into a watercraft designed for inland sailing on lakes, rivers and artificial waterways, you can rent a river boat. Unlike a sailboat, you do not need a sailing license or experience to rent and sail these boats. In northern Holland, closer to Friesland, which is famous for its scenic canals, rivers and many unspoilt lakes, you have the opportunity to experience the beautiful and unique landscape from the lake side and the area has a long tradition of sailing.

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It's about trust when choosing an Agency when booking your dream vacation. We have created the safe environment with skilled and professional partners who have the professional knowledge and competence that we know meet the requirements of what we consider to be of high quality and service.

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As Agency, we take care of you before, during and after your holiday.

We are a serious company that takes responsibility and keeps our promises.

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