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United Kingdom Sailing

Explore the ocean of United Kingdom with your fellow travelers

England Sailing Destination

England - Join the riverboat tour of the Thames in England. The famous river winds through rolling countryside in the south of England, past historic towns and gentlemen’s seats and small cozy pubs. Pass by Windsor Castle and take a look back in time, explore London’s streets and end a stroll in the generous parks. A riverboat holiday on the Thames will be a holiday full of contrasts and amazing experiences on the magnificent historic river.

Experience England

The United Kingdom is a union of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The majority of Wales and Scotland are highlands with lowlands, lakes and narrow fjords. England and Northern Ireland consist of plain with elongated hills. The British Isles are located on the European continental shelf with shallow water, which is favorable for fishing. The climate is temperate with much rainfall year-round. Temperatures vary slightly and are influenced by the warm Gulf Stream from Mexico, which flows along the west coast of the islands. It is the warmest and driest in the southeast, where the climate is affected by proximity to the continent. There is the coldest and humid climate in the north. England and Wales have a network of canal waterways of about 2000 miles or 3200 km, so there is plenty of room to romp on. For decades, these waterways were used by boat traffic to a degree that we find it difficult to imagine today, with most canals and rivers running as serene, blue veins through the countryside and especially used for recreational use.

Food – experience the classic cuisine

The breakfast is a hearty meal with bacon, eggs, toast and jam, and at the holidays even more extensive. High tea, which is served from 17, is the real evening meal, especially in the small towns and the outer areas. Here we also offer cut cuts and cheese, perhaps a heated residue. The time pressure on families and the long travel times to and from work has made it difficult to maintain English breakfast in the home today. As a result, bacon and eggs, also in the big cities, have become the most popular meat dish. The meal that you, as a tourist, will soon become acquainted with is afternoon tea, served from 10 am. 16 and until late in the evening. This tea serving is cultivated by the hotel cafés and the ubiquitous tea rooms. It has a more dessert-like feel: éclairs, muffins and scones with clotted cream. That the meal drink at these various meals is tea, temptation for bimadas of baked goods of fine bread, cakes, jams and other sweet things, milk, cream and butter. This is reflected in the English cookbook literature. There are far more titles on baking and cooking of breads and pastries than on all the other aspects of cooking.


The River Thames, often called the Kings Road, winds through the green countryside throughout the history and cultural heritage of Southern England. Visit Oxford, Henley-on-Thames or the magical and beautiful castle Windsor, the royal family’s holiday home, during your boat holiday on the Thames. Take a houseboat holiday here, find the trail along the river, and follow the tradition in the Thames region by visiting one of the pubs along the waterways. In the beautiful nature area around Leeds you can really relax from everyday life. Here, on the border between Yorkshire and Lancashire, today is extremely idyllic, but if you are historically interested, you can delve into the bloody throne wars between the two regions that are known as the Rose Wars. If you want to experience the south of England, then a riverboat holiday in the Bristol area is the right choice. Here you get Roman history in Bath, and if you put delicious scenery and rich wildlife high on your wish list, the base in the area is one of the best to start from.