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Croatia Sailing Destination

Croatia is a wonderful holiday destination for sailing enthusiasts. Crystal clear water, interesting sights, lovely beaches, culinary experiences and a friendly, hospitable people. The scenery in Croatia is stunningly beautiful with mountains, turquoise blue water, green pine forests and an archipelago with over a thousand islands.

The bathing water quality is top notch in Croatia; it is considered to be among the cleanest in Europe. The water is crystal clear and invites you for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Croatia is the country that has the most annual sunshine hours throughout Europe and is therefore ideal for a real sailing holiday with the whole family.

Experiences in Croatia

If you go around planning your almost trip south then Croatia is a good bet. Whether you choose to go with your family, partner or friends, Croatia has something for everyone. Croatia’s coastline, the Dalmatian coast, at around 2,000 kilometers, is packed with transparent, bounty water and is Europe’s best answer to the swaying palms of the Caribbean islands. Here you will find the most trendy parts of the country, where yachts are located in the beautiful harbor towns. At sea either by motorboat or sailboat, there are many experiences waiting, for with approx. 1246 islands are enough to get started with.

However, it is far from all the islands that are inhabited - some are just practically adorned with a lighthouse, while others are slightly larger with small villages where there is a small selection of hotels, restaurants and lots of tranquility and the most enchanting beaches. Not only are you guaranteed to spend a large part of your holiday underwater, do not deceive yourself to explore the more cultural department and visit the larger and smaller coastal towns and islands. Experience the cultural cities like Dubrovnik , Pula and Omis, but to a large extent also Rovinj, Split , Opatija and Zadar just to name a few.

For the quiet souls you will find some secluded, traditional towns along the beautiful coastline where Croatia’s culture, charm and pleasant life unfold. You will find chalk-white sandy beaches where child-friendly activities of all kinds take place.

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Food – Discover Croatia’s different food traditions

The Croatian cuisine is very varied and each region has its own culinary traditions. Because of this, Croatia is known as the region’s cuisine. The regional differences in the selection of their raw materials and cooking methods are most noticeable between the inland and Adriatic coast. However, several of the local variants can be experienced throughout the country. From the spicy sausages from Slavonia to seafood in Dalmatia, Croatian food and Croatian cuisine are very different from region to region.

For a small country like Croatia, it is unusual to see such a rich culinary tradition, but the geographical location and historical events have greatly influenced the country’s cuisine that the people of Croatia enjoy to enjoy on a daily basis and they are very happy to show it to tourists. Like everything else in Croatia, the food is a very positive surprise. True gourmet food with simple, delicious ingredients that continued to surprise our imagination and not at least taste buds.

Attractions in Croatia

The Mljet National Park, located in the south of Croatia, close to Dubrovnik, offers, among other things, unique natural phenomenon, in the form of two salt water lakes. Mljet, was declared a national park in 1960 and represents the first attempt to protect an original ecosystem in the Adriatic. The rich vegetation on the island explain why Mljet is also called “the green island”. The Mljet National Park is a beautiful sight all year round, walking along the coast to the 2 world’s famous lakes is always beautiful, hiking and cycling trails are scattered throughout the park, and almost always in the shade, so it is not too hot to walk in the summer either or bike.

Montokuc and other places on the island offer the most beautiful views of the entire park and out on the open Adriatic sea. The Great lake and The Small lake are salt lakes which are unique geological and oceanographic phenomena of great importance. They originate for approx. 10,000 years ago. They started out as freshwater lakes until a narrow passage of the Gulf of Soline connected them to the high seas. Along the coast of the lakes and also in the forest there are trails for hiking and cycling. Visit Polace a community and harbor located in a protected bay, and has countless selections of cultural and historical monuments such as the Roman Palace and an old Catholic church.

In Pomena you have a large selection of different sports options such as scuba diving, sailing schools, you can also rent bikes and canoes.

Beaches in Croatia

Anyone who knows Croatia as a holiday country knows that the country has many lovely beaches and a crystal clear sea. The endless, turquoise waters that stretch from Istria in the north to Dalmatia in the south allow you to experience one of the most beautiful coastal stretches in Europe, both on land and at sea. The many beautiful beaches consist of pebbles and rocks, which is one of the reasons why the sea is so clean and they have completely fantastic colors and excellent underwater visibility, suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Adriatic Sea is warm enough for bathing from June to the end of September (and more hardy types also jump into the water in May and October).