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Italy Sailing

Explore the ocean of Italy with your fellow travelers

Sailing Experience Italy

Italy has many beautiful sailing regions where you can rent a boat and have a fantastic sailing holiday. From the north of Italy called the Italian Riviera you can sail along the coast where picturesque towns and beautiful bathing coves will captivate you, to the southern Italy with the beautiful Naples Bay. Here you can sail through the unbelievable Mediterranean paradise and futher to the Amalfi Coast, which is the epitome of beauty and where charming villages literally hang on steep cliffs. Here you have the opportunity to snorkel at the many rock caves.

Experience Italy

Italy is a country in southern Europe best known as the place where pizza, pasta, ice cream, ballet, and opera were invented. Italy has a long history. The country's capital, Rome, was once the capital of the Roman Empire. There are still ruins from Rome and other places in Italy. Rome is also known as the center of the Catholic Church, which has over a billion members worldwide. If you are looking for an adventurous sailing holiday in the Mediterranean with good experience and good food, Italy is a great choice. Italy is one of the most popular destinations for sailing holidays. Here you have the opportunity to see all the beautiful places in Italy from the sea side and to anchor in a small bay or cove protected by high cliffs. Or you can moor at an attractive marina in one of the many exciting cities on the coast. Combine your sailing vacation with exciting shopping opportunities in the many port cities.

Food - Experience Italy's culinary cuisine

Italian cuisine refers to food and cooking from Italy, which today is world famous the flavorful dishes obtained by using a few, simple ingredients of exclusively quality products such as spaghetti aglie olio or pizza marinara; as well as the Italian cuisine, which in addition to the local ingredients such as asparagus, pistachios, pine nuts and olives, in the Enlightenment has taken new foods from other continents such as tomatoes and rice and further developed new Italian dishes such as risotto, pizza and countless tomato-based sauces. Italian cuisine differs widely from region to region, historically each having its own city-state with its own dialect and culture, and developing local specialties such as Parmesan cheese and Parma ham in Parma-Reggio, Gran Padano cheese in Padano , or risotto with saffron in Milan. In northern Italy, corn polenta and cabbage dishes are often eaten as cruti, completely unknown in the South as the Naples area, where mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes and basil are what in other countries are associated with all classic Italian food, or in Sicily, where arancini is widely enjoyed, granita and almonds.


The Amalfi Coast is just south of Naples, and if you are on holiday in Italy, then it would be a good idea to make your way past this beautiful place. Amalfi is the name of the city, which is known for its fragrant lemon orchards and not least the liqueur on lemon - Limoncello. In addition, the area offers fantastic nature as well as sights such as the cities of Pompeii and Herculenum, and not to forget the volcano Vesuvius. If you prefer a holiday far away from the more tourist-populated places in Italy, then it is obvious to visit the many small villages along the Italian Riviera. The Italian Riviera denotes the part of the Italian coastline that lies between the Ligurian Sea and the mountains. The capital of the Liguria region is the port city of Genoa, which is known for its Aquarium, among other things. You will quickly discover that the sea and fishing are of great importance to the inhabitants of the area, especially economically. Probably the most famous of these cities is Portofino which every year attracts lots of tourists - both from the land and water side. During the summer, the town's small harbor is crammed with sailboats battling for one of the coveted berths. The road out to Portofino is narrow and winding, but it is worth the whole trip. It is also here that you can find the statue of Christ of the Sea - a statue that stands on 17 meters of water, to protect the local fishermen and divers. On your trip along the Italian coast, it is also worth making a stop in the town of Bordighera, close to the border with France. Fortunately, the city is not so overrun by tourists, so here can experience a piece of the real Italy. However, the area around the city is known as a well-visited resort for Europe's wealthy inhabitants. Italy is a country in Southern Europe, which is especially known as the place where pizza, pasta, ice cream, ballet and opera were invented. Italy has a long history. The country's capital, Rome, was once the capital of the Roman Empire. Here are still ruins from both in Rome and elsewhere in Italy. Rome is also known as the center of the Catholic Church which has over a billion members worldwide.

Beaches in Italy

There are not many places in the world where there are as many options for a wonderful beach holiday as in Italy. With more than 8,000 kilometers of coastline along the Mediterranean and the Adriatic, from bold cliffs to beautiful beaches with the finest sand, Italy offers the most diverse bathing destinations - for young people, couples and families with children. A large part of Italy's many delicious beaches are not surprisingly located along the coasts of the country's islands. In Sicily alone there are lots of lovely beaches. Here you get tips about three beaches in different places in Italy, because in the long