Boat holiday in the Mediterranean

Greece as a boat destination

Rent a Boat in the Mediterranean

Rent a boat in Greece and have the best summer vacation. Sailing is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and experience the many fantastic islands and beautiful bays. Along the way you can appeal to one of the many bays, where you have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the silence on board the boat, or you can find snorkel and flippers and jump into the clear warm water in search of a sea turtle or dolphin.
Sailing is a fantastic experience and if you have not yet tried sailing abroad, then it's time. There are many different ports and the price varies greatly depending on the size of the ports. But if you want more peace and quiet, it is allowed to drop anchor in one of the many bays and islands.

With more than 2,500 islands, Greece can offer great experiences for the whole family. Before embarking on this kind of vacation, it is worth just researching what it requires. If you want to rent a boat in Greece, it is required as a minimum that the skipper has a certificate of competency, VHF certificate and sailing experience.
And which boat should you choose? The most rented boat types are sailboats and catamarans. But no matter what type of boat you choose, it is important that the type of boat matches your needs and desires.

There are many types of sailboats and in many different sizes. As a starting point, choose the size of the boat according to the number of people. In addition to the cockpit, all cabins, etc. are under water, which in the long run can feel a bit claustrophobic. If you do not have air conditioning, ventilation from mono holes can also be a problem, especially in hot climates. In terms of price, a 36-foot sailboat per. week typically from DKK 12,000 and up. It naturally varies according to when in season you want to rent. But like other holiday destinations, it is always more expensive in high season.

If, on the other hand, you want to rent a catamaran, this type of boat is something other than a sailboat. Catamarans are known as speed machines. The fact that a catamaran sails fast does not make life on board less comfortable, on the contrary. Most people can imagine life in the net between the pontoons. In practice, however, it is especially the minimal heel that makes life in the catamaran comfortable. The cost of renting a catamaran is somewhat more expensive than a sailboat.
But no matter what type of boat you choose, a lot of fantastic sailing experiences await you.