Boat holiday in Croatia

Boat rental in Croatia, the perfect summer vacation

Sailing holiday with opportunities

For sailing enthusiasts, Croatia offers beautiful cities, beautiful ports and stunning scenery. You have the opportunity to rent a motorboat or sailboat and no matter what type of boat you choose, there are many experiences ahead. Because with about 1246 islands, there is enough to get started with if you want to experience some of the many Islands.

Outside the northern coastline is a stunning archipelago-like area with over 300 small islands. Many of them entice with paradisiacal and peaceful coves and the ancient, picturesque villages with stone houses and uneven streets exude a bygone era.

Dalmatia - which covers most of the Croatian coastline plus a small stretch inland - has become one of the most attractive holiday areas in Europe in recent years. Not least due to the enchanting coastline, the many beautiful Islands and the authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. Dalmatia also has a fantastic history and culture, which we get an impression from through the week's many stops on the coast or on the islands.

The island of Hvar is described as one of the world's 10 most beautiful islands. The old medieval city has over the years developed into a paradise for jet setters and is called Croatia's answer to Monaco. But Hvar has retained its local character. And if you walk the winding streets, you will find everything from design shops to backyard galleries with local crafts. The story is long, and the atmosphere is cozy and "noble" at the same time.

The island Mljet, which is also called "The Green Island" is definitely worth a visit. Here you will find the National Park Mljet which covers the northwestern part of the islands. The national park offers fantastic experiences, incredibly rich and lush vegetation, but the island is perhaps best known for its two saltwater lakes, located in the middle of the pine forest.

On a sailing holiday in Croatia and you get the best sailing experience of your life.