Larsen Yacht start an international Agency

Holiday at Sea is the name of a new Danish Agency.

From 10 rental boats to over 10,000 boats worldwide

"We have now for many years been involved in renting our own sailboats from the base at Dyvig Bro on the island of Als, but have decided to" re-saddle "so that we instead arrange rental boats all over the world," says Bent Larsen.
“One of the reasons is the huge demand we have for rental boats. That is why we have spent the last year working on a new website, and in parallel we have found partners for professional collaboration around the world, so that we currently distribute over 10,000 boats, ”continues Bent Larsen.

“Our new agency is called Holiday at Sea. Here you can rent different types of boats, eg river boats, catamarans, motor boats and of course sailboats. All the charter bases represented on our website are professional landlords and not private landlords and they are definitely worth a visit, ”he says.
One of the goals of Holiday at Sea is to get more people out sailing, including those who have not yet become acquainted with traditional sailing, to try out this type of holiday. Among other things, it could be renting a river boat that does not require any sailing experience, and in this way Holiday at Sea caters to a wider customer segment.

“Through our many years of experience in the boat rental industry, we believe we have the necessary knowledge so that we can guide our customers in the right direction and thus create that customer good experience. We do this, among other things, by following up on our customers' experience both before, during and after their journey, just as we also have direct contact with the rental bases we work with, so that customers are not alone if something unforeseen should occur. Then we are ready to help ", says Bent Larsen.