Riverboat holiday - a holiday for the whole family

Take a break and make time for the family

Riverboat holiday is a sailing holiday on beautiful rivers and canals, where all fellow sailors help and have a task. A riverboat holiday is a completely different way to travel. Here you choose a form of holiday where you can take your time, experience beautiful landscapes, experience unique culture - completely without stress. To sail past one beautiful landscape after another, see the landscapes in a different way and just be in harmony with nature. A great way to spend a holiday, de-stress and enjoy life!

If you have never sailed before, you can still safely rent a riverboat and sail safely on many of Europe's rivers and canals. No matter which country you choose to sail from, you will always get a thorough review of the boat by the staff. They give you the most important navigation instructions on arrival on the base. And they will quickly make you a safe and excellent captain.

Navigate safely
All boats are properly equipped with buoys and life jackets for children and adults. And should it happen that one of the fellow sailors can not swim, he or she can simply keep the life jacket on while sailing. It is also important that you all help along the way. It makes sailing more fun when everyone is helped along with the individual tasks there are. Some have to help navigate, some have to steer like a real captain, and others have to help with locks, handle ropes or clean the boat. Both children and adults can become perfect sailors!

Combine sailing and cycling
You also have the opportunity to rent bikes and take on board, or possibly. bring your own bikes. Take a short stop from sailing and follow the many bike paths that are along the rivers. Visit a village, or one of the many castles, or perhaps take a shopping trip. It could also be that during the trip there was a need to make a stop, to entertain the children and visit a zoo or another amusement park. The possibilities are many.
A riverboat holiday is a great form of holiday for everyone - try it and you will not be disappointed.