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Sweden Sailing Destination

Sweden is a wonderful area to sail in, a Scandinavian gem that can easily compete with more exotic locations. The archipelago is wonderful. So wild and so beautiful - and so different from our domestic waters. And you can stop and drop anchor almost anywhere in the shelter of an island and have lunch and take a swim before sailing on.

Experience Sweden

Sweden has a coastline that is very different from the Danish coastline. And all the way along the Swedish coast you will find the beautiful Swedish archipelago with its lush, populated islands, depopulated or abandoned small islands, and raw cliffs like small oases of peace and quiet. You get very close to nature and the sea, which has a rich bird life and fishing life.

You can easily experience the islands on foot. Another option is to rent a bike to get around. The larger archipelago lakes have good places to eat, lovely beaches and good hiking trails. The western Swedish archipelago is something very special with its magnificent nature, Swedish idyll and slow tranquility, and is the perfect way to experience the archipelago. One of the most popular areas is Bohuslän, north of Göteborg. Whatever islands you visit, you will experience granite cliffs, beautiful evening sun, pristine coves, winding promenades and the feeling of being completely surrounded by water.

Another area is south of Göteborg archipelago, which consists of over 100 named small islands and cliffs, of which the largest islands have year-round homes or holiday homes. Several of the large islands are car-free, for example Styrso, where the locals use bicycles, mopeds or electric golf carts to get around the island.

Further north, you will find the Stockholm archipelago. The archipelago consists of about 30.000 small rocky islands and covers an area of 700 square kilometers, and is therefor the largest archipelago of Sweden. Several of the islands have functioning communities, so you do not have to go around hungry, because you can find both restaurants and small shops. But there is also plenty of opportunity for you all to be entertained by visiting one of the many islands, where you can explore and find wild berries and mushrooms, or experience the amazing wildlife. It is also possible to swim or grill the fish you have caught during the day. Otherwise, several of the islands have a functioning community, where there are both restaurants and small shops.

Food - experience Swedish cuisine

The Swedish cuisine or the Swedish kitchen culture shows clear regional differences. The three main meals in Sweden are: Breakfast (breakfast), lunch (lunch) and dinner (dinner). Many people get hot meal for lunch, and the meal is often eaten in canteens or restaurants. Also in the Swedish kindergartens and schools, hot meals are served to the children for lunch.

The former traditional home cooking was solid and fatty. It was linked to the local raw materials and the processing and storage options that were available. You only needed to bake crispbread a few times a year because it could be stored. Salted pork and salted herring were often main ingredients in the daily food. Cranberries are served with many Swedish dishes. In the past, it was necessary to use the raw materials that were present. In the north, there was not much opportunity for vegetable production, so they used the berries that were in the forest. The use of cranberries spread to all of Sweden, and the tasty berries are also widely used today.


Sweden is a country full of many exciting attractions, beautiful nature and events from north to south. In addition to the beautiful nature, where you have the opportunity to explore one of the many small islands, you can also experience the many exciting port cities, which are located on the Swedish west coast.

If you want a little more big city life, there are many options in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Liseberg is one of the most popular attractions in Sweden and has also been called the world best amusement park! The main amusement in the park is the slide up to the space-like, futuristic tower 83 meters above the ground!

Gothenburg Art Museum is located on Götaplatsen, where Nordic and European masters can be viewed. However, the museum is best known for collections of works by the painters Rubens, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Picasso. There are a wealth of sights in Stockholm. These include the National Museum, the August Strindberg Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Royal Palace. Stockholm has a tradition of good museums, so it's just a matter of getting started.

Beaches in Sweden

Sweden can offer an incredible number of tempting bathing places of a very different nature - both in terms of the surrounding nature and the local facilities. And the beaches are very different, depending on where in Sweden you are. It is right from white sandy beaches in southern Sweden to the more raw rocky islands, where there is the possibility of springs. When bathing in Sweden, like everywhere else, bathe carefully and pay attention to the environment and natural surroundings. At the coast one should always be careful with regard to current conditions and possibly ask locals for advice; some of the most popular beaches have lifeguards in place during the summer. Never make springs, from rocks or anything else, without first thoroughly checking the water depth.